Nick Thompson

North East UK | +447961589558 |

Over the past 2-3 years I have followed my long-term passion and focused my career on application development and becoming a software engineer. I am currently working mostly with Python, Django and SQL to deliver web applications but have experience with C# and .NET to deliver desktop and tablet applications.

I am passionate about all aspects of technology and have delivered an extensive range of commercial and private sector projects, as project lead and practitioner. I am an enthusiastic, hard-working and proactive individual, who takes on each task with a positive attitude and can-do approach. I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, working autonomously as well as in a team.

One of my biggest strengths is to interpret client requirements, engage stakeholders and explain technical issues in a clear concise way to achieve results quickly. I have a passion for learning, and look for opportunities to further my personal development, both inside and outside of the workplace.

Professional Experience

ICT Services Officer

Cleveland Fire Brigade | 2016 - Present
  • Design and implement new and existing software solutions, API integration, web, desktop and tablet app development using Python, HTML, CSS, C# and .NET
  • Contribute to code management, development, testing and implementation of software using Azure DevOps and GIT.
  • Attend weekly Scrum and milestone meetings.
  • Lead on and participate in code reviews where required.
  • Data processing, transmission, storage and retrieval using Microsoft SQL server, SQLite, JSON and REST API’s
  • Deployment and maintenance of virtual server environments and cloud platforms including backups and storage using Hyper-V, Azure App Services, Azure Virtual servers and AWS EC2 instances.
  • Provide 24x7 support and administration of the ICT infrastructure, critical systems, mobilisation, incident command and communications network.

Freelance ICT Engineer & Consultant

NT Solutions | 2004 - 2016

Consulting and implementing solutions for local small to medium businesses

  • Advising clients on the best way to improve their business processes
  • Providing help and advice on network security and hardware
  • Expert support for business-critical systems
  • Server, Laptop and Desktop upgrades and repairs
  • Server installations, email, file storage and backup solutions
  • Firewalls, routing, LAN/WAN design, implementation and support

Robotics Engineer

Labman Automation | 2013 - 2015

Labman design, manufacture and maintain bespoke robotic automation systems to a global client base.

Role Profile:

  • Design and maintenance of the corporate website
  • Contributing to the maintenance of the company inventory systems
  • Analytical reporting and documentation using the ISO 9001 framework
  • Implementation of C++/C# code into core robot OS functionality
  • Assembly of robotic components, microelectronics, software development and implementation
  • Design and production of video and graphics for sales material

IT Administrator

Fairfield Industries | 2003 - 2004

Online and on location auctioneer and machine tool merchant, selling to UK and European clients

  • Primary IT support for the auction company
  • Corporate website design and maintenance
  • Online auction website development
  • Stock list and inventory maintenance
  • Physical set up of IT/AV equipment for outcry auctions throughout the UK and Europe.

Sales Assistant

Gamestation | 2002 - 2003

Video Game Store

  • Assisting customers with purchases and recommendations
  • Point of sale
  • Handling transactions
  • Stock taking

IT Technician

Network Solutions (UK) Ltd | 2000 - 2002

A complete service provider for networks, security and internet solutions.

  • Installation and maintenance of network hardware
  • TCP/IP network and data cabling
  • Windows desktop and server support
  • Design and implementation of security endpoints, firewalls and routers

Past Projects

Web Application

Python, Django, SQL, HTML, CSS

Fully encrypted password, inventory and service desk ticket web application.

  • Secure password generation based on dictionary keywords
  • Stores encrypted passwords for data systems
  • Create inventory items, notes and change logs
  • Create and manage service desk tickets, email customers and monitor SLA's
  • Email notifications for updates, tickets overdue or job assignment

C# Console Application

C# /.NET, SharePoint (CSOM), XML, SQL

Full automation of risk documents delivering critical risk data to front line appliances.

  • Console application accesses SharePoint library utilising C# Client Side Object Manager (CSOM)
  • SQL query to obtain encrypted Risk Data files and converted to PDF on the fly
  • Delta copies held in memory, compared to local copies using C# file stream
  • Automated delivery over Wifi to Fire appliances (Delta Copy script)
  • Log files created for performance monitoring and fault finding
  • Error handling, email notifications and daily scheduled reporting

Web Application

Python, Django, SQL, Google API

Performance dashboard to monitor successful delivery of risk data to fire appliances.

  • Google Charts APi for analysis data, variables passed from Django backend
  • SQL reporting query to pole SQL replication status for devices
  • Txt log file parsing and data extraction to establish file sync status
  • Time delta calculations to alert out of sync devices

Web Application

Python, Django, CSV, CSS, HTML

Web portal to display performance figures for data processed from importing CSV files into the web application.

  • Secure website login
  • CSV upload and python parsing into Django ORM models
  • Conditional formatting of data depending on percentage increase/decrease
  • Responsive design for a range of desktop and mobile devices

Commercial Websites

Python, Django, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MySql

Number of database driven commercial websites in a range of sectors.

  • MySql, SQLite, MS SQL - Databases for storing and retrieving dynamic web content
  • HTML and CSS front ends using custom designs and Bootstrap frameworks
  • MVC Workflows, Template based UI with Django/Flask backend
  • AWS Web hosting for clients, maintenance and backups and data management
  • Responsive design for a range of desktop and mobile devices

Automation and Scripting

Python, C#, Powershell
  • Battery Monitoring Service
  • Microsoft SharePoint applications and workflows
  • SQL data extraction and API integration
  • Backup scripts and file storage automation from windows and linux servers

Education & Certification

Nunthorpe School

1995 - 2000


LINUX Foundation via
Online Certification
2014 - 100% Pass

Web Programming, Python and JavaScript Online Course
  • HTML / CSS
  • Python
  • Django and Flask
  • SQL, Models and Migrations
  • JavaScript
  • User Interfaces
  • Testing CI/CD
  • Scalability and Security

AWS Certified Developer - Associate Online Course
  • EC2 Instances
  • S3 Storage
  • Boto3 - Python SDK
  • IAM / Cognito
  • RDS DB Management
  • DynamoDB
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • Code Commit, CodeBuild, CodePipeline
  • Elastic Beanstalk

Skills & Interests

Programming Languages
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Python
  • C#
  • WPF / XAML
Tools & Frameworks
  • Django/Flask
  • .NET
  • Bootstrap
  • SQL
  • Github
  • Ubuntu
  • Windows Server
  • AWS
  • LAMP Stack
  • TCP/IP, Networking, Routing and Firewalls
Hobbies & Interests

I spend a lot of my free time learning new skills. I enjoy working with the Unity game engine to make small indie games. I am currently working on a puzzle game demo title, you play as two siblings who have to work together to move blocks. I have designed the game artwork myself and coded everything from scratch.

I also like to play video games and tinker with electronics and Raspberry Pi hardware. I love exploring the latest technology advancements to feed my passion of all things tech!

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Unity Game Development